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As one of the first electronic musicians to emerge from post-war Sri Lanka at the tail end of the 2000s, Asvajit has - for nearly a decade - played an integral role in the ongoing development of electronic music culture in the island nation.  Asvajit is also an audio/visual artist and graphic designer as well as the founder and curator of Jambutek Recordings. Since 2012 he has curated and co-organized Pettah Interchange, an annual celebration of arts and alternative culture that takes place in abandoned urban spaces. In Berlin, Asvajit has been booked at the the famous Kater Holzig - and its latest incarnation, Kater Blau - as well as at Golden Gate, Sisyphos, Suicide Circus and IPSE amongst other nightlife institutions. In 2013, Asvajit performed at the acclaimed Fusion Festival in Larz.