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Fly District is a Bogotá based electronic duo focused on minimal house and techno. They started playing on Radio Berlin (when this was still it's name) and have been producing music since mid-2015. Their work has been very well received, and has led to their performances at festivals such as Baum Park and Baum Tatacoa as well as at notable clubs and in parties in the circuit such as Armando Records, Vlak, Radio Berlin, Baum and Clase de Siete. In 2016, they launched their own label, Pleasure In Mind Records (PIMR). Through PIMR and Under Pleasure Events, they have had the opportunity to host several events at clubs in Bogotá with both Colombian and international artists including Jessica Díaz, Seb Zito, Frankov and East End Dubs, Randall M and Herodot.