MYR spent his youth being influenced and inspired by the power of music. From his first guitar at the age of 9, he explored and experimented with multiple genres, with a keen interest in hip hop, punk and grunge. Through music college and music university, he toured the UK in various bands, honing his performance at festivals and venues in Manchester, Yorkshire, London, Bristol and Birmingham. MYR has releases coming out on Amongst Others, Jambutek Recordings, Midnight Social, and Whoyostro in 2018. He is currently working on some new material, featuring collaborations with Taylor, along with a live hardware set. Another project – L.O.A. sees MYR partnering with DJ Jake Barnes to create dark minimal and disco sounds, which can be heard in and around Leeds this season. LOA are residents at Fifty Fifty, a collective of DJs and producers running events in Yorkshire. All this while producing for and managing White Noise Studio.